Mosaic Artist NYC

Katherine is such a fantastic artist. I had the pleasure of meeting her through mutual friends while visiting Italy where she studied mosaic creation. I have been following her work ever since and was very excited when she returned to the states and began selling her work. She lives in a different state than I, so I generally saw her shows online. After seeing one of her shows, I tried to purchase several pieces but they had sold. She offered to create custom pieces for me. I wanted to order special gifts for my 3 dearest friends and Katherine rose to the challenge. The pieces she created were exactly to my requested specifications and my friends treasure them. I would buy from Katherine again in a heartbeat and cannot wait until I can have one of her pieces for my very own. I highly recommend Katherine!
Theresa P.

Katherine Forst is a very talented artist. She made for my garden/patio wall, here at my San Francisco townhouse, a gorgeous mosaic reproduction of an ancient Byzantine mosaic fragment that is on the floor of a church in Ravenna, Italy. It looks magnificent on my wall. I hope that Katherine can post a photo of the piece onto this review so that everybody can see it. Her prices are fair, and she delivered the piece on time.
Seldy C.

I recently purchased a beautiful mosaic from Katherine Forst Mosaics entitled "Black Lemons." The mosaic, roughly 18" square, is a composition of black lemons on a white background. The craftsmanship is remarkable. The modern design combined with ancient Italian mosaic techniques makes this art piece so unique and original.
Stephanie C.

I enjoyed talking with the artist at the gallery where the piece I bought was shown, and appreciated learning details about how it was made. She clearly has high standards for producing what she envisions, and for how clients will be using (or displaying) what she has made (for me, that was installing the right kind of hardware for hanging the piece after I bought it). 
"Gestures ii" is an unusual mosaic--a kind of "drawing" using hand-cut tiles in soft brown tones on an unframed white background. It is a subtle and beautiful portrait--quiet and introspective. I bought it because I love it, but I also thought it would work well in our 100+ year old Craftsman home. It does--and is more beautiful the more I look at it.
Karen S.

I asked Katherine to make a small mosaic in the shape of a turnip to be used as a wall hanging. She did a beautiful job. It is just what I was looking for- the colors, shape and texture are wonderful. It arrived nicely framed, too. I highly recommend any work created by this talented artist ! 
John C.

I own a wonderful Katherine Forst mosaic. Although Katherine's work is usually very large, my mosaic is quite small (7" x 7"), but a beautiful piece of work. I commissioned Katherine to create a mosaic in the traditional Greek/Roman style: simple designs of animal motifs on mainly white marble backgrounds. 
The subject of my mosaic is a Stellar Jay, a blue jay species common to northern California. The background is made of very small chips of white/off-white/grayish marble. The piece is bordered in the traditional way, surrounded with a single row of black marble on the outer edges. The central image of the bird is stunning: it appears almost 3-dimensional in some areas due to meticulous placement of the different hues of blue glass that Katherine used to create the form. The glass adds sparkle in contrast to the "matte" of the marble. 
Most of Katherine's work is larger than my piece, but is it exactly what I wanted. She is wonderful to work with, and the project delivered on time and within my budget.
Karen S.

A mosaic by Ms. Forst will transform your space. Her mosaic surround above the counter made a friends entire kitchen special and a touch glamorous. Her pomegranate mosaic we commissioned evokes Italy and reminds me that this ancient craft belongs in even the most modern space.
Judy T.

[Katherine] has had a wonderful education in mosaics work and as usual this makes explaining it much easier to understand. I purchased the sweetest teapot - a gorgeous green, perfect circle of mosaics and surrounded with a little copper edge. I love it and have had many compliments. 
Sue M.